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Since one of the most popular foods in Texas is barbecue, it’s safe to assume finding vegan options is a bit trickier than in other states. But when HapPea Vegans opened in 2018, the search for indulgent vegan Southern food in Texas was much easier! After temporarily closing their food truck, Texas’ first vegan butcher shop will reopen in San Antonio this December—this time, as a brick-and-mortar.

Plant-Based Meats Made In-House

HapPea Vegans was founded in 2018 by Leah Drones and Javier Balderas, who desired to provide great vegan options to fellow Texans. With a menu featuring the most innovative plant-based meats made in-house from simple ingredients, it’s no surprise the business took off. After a few successful pop-ups, the duo expanded their business to a food truck that operated primarily out of San Antonio and most recently, the Outpost Food Park in Austin.

This past August, the HapPea Vegans team announced their sudden closure. They took to Instagram saying, “This is NOT goodbye! We don’t know what the plan is, but we believe we have something special. What that plan is … we don’t know.” And less than three months later, their new venture came to be—a brick-and-mortar butcher shop in San Antonio!

HapPea Vegans Butcher Shop

The HapPea Vegans butcher shop is set to open on December 4 of this year. The restaurant will be taking over the former building of Wong’s Bodega in the Southtown neighborhood of San Antonio (1502 S Flores St, San Antonio, TX 78204).

Vegan Turkey Legs, Barbecue Plates, Po’boys, Deli Sandwiches, and Fried Pickles

The official menu has yet to be announced, but we can guarantee there will be plenty of plant-based meats, comfort food dishes, and HapPea Vegans’ claim to fame—vegan fried chicken! One of the most popular dishes from the food truck was the Bluto, a fried chicken sandwich with a tower of onion rings, sauce, and edible flowers on top. Other top hits include vegan turkey legs, barbecue plates, po’boys, deli sandwiches, and fried pickles. Everything is vegan and palm oil-free, with soy-free options as well.

For more information, follow @happeavegans on Instagram.

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