Piers Morgan rages over ‘virtue-signalling chump’ chef who wants to turn Claridge’s vegan | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV Leave a comment

“If he cooks it, I’ll probably love it – whatever the ingredients,” penned Helen Black.

Piers has previously made his feelings on a meat-free diet clear and is staunchly anti-vegan.

At the end of last January, the star took to Twitter to celebrate the end of Veganuary, which saw hundreds of thousands of people ditch meat for a month and go vegan to promote a healthier lifestyle.

He wrote: “It’s a momentous day. One in which Britain finally brings to an end a ghastly experiment that’s brought us nothing but suffering.

“At midnight, I urge us all to celebrate our freedom with riotous jubilation. Finally, the hell is over. Good riddance #Veganuary!” he added.

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