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few years ago, going vegan would mean forgoing your once favourite chocolate brands, sacrificing the chocolatey goodness to lead a plant-based lifestyle – but no longer.

Premium chocolatiers Lindt & Sprüngli are launching two new exciting additions to their range – and they are entirely vegan-friendly.

We know there’s nothing like sipping on a steaming mug of hot chocolate on a frosty evening. And with the clocks going back, we now have even more time to draw the curtains and unwind with an indulgent treat. So why not hunker down with Lindt’s latest offerings: the brand’s first ever hot chocolate and vegan chocolate bars.

Lindt has a 176 year history of making top-notch choccy. The Swiss chocolatiers is already renowned for its wide range of delicious chocolate, from the iconic Lindor truffles, to the indulgent slabs of their EXCELLENCE range.


And the new Lindt Hot Chocolate (£4) promises to be just as blissful an experience. Thanks to Lindt’s innovative production process which increases the solubility of the cocoa in both hot and cold milk, this doesn’t taste like any ordinary hot chocolate powder.

Unlike many others on the market, the Lindt Hot Chocolate doesn’t contain milk powder. Instead, it is made up of more Lindt chocolate and cocoa (35 per cent cocoa solids to be exact), lending it a richness of flavour that’s hard to come by in an instant drink – and instant, it is. Just heap a spoonful into hot or cold milk and gently stir for an indulgent and luxuriously creamy chocolate-drinking experience.

As well as not containing milk powder, it contains entirely vegan-friendly products. Just opt for your favourite milk alternative to satisfy those chocolate cravings.

Just in time for Veganuary, the chocolatiers will also launch two new vegan bars. The bars are the first ever vegan chocolate options from the chocolate masters and will be available in CLASSIC RECIPE Vegan Smooth and Vegan Hazelnut flavours.


Lovers of the creamy and silky taste sensation Lindt are so famous for won’t be disappointed. Created with a delicious combination of Lindt’s premium cocoa blended with gluten-free oat drink and almond paste, these vegan bars don’t compromise on flavour.

Whether you’re vegan or not (or just giving it a go for Veganuary) these plant-based additions are sure to appeal to everybody.

The Lindt CLASSIC RECIPE Vegan Smooth and Lindt CLASSIC RECIPE Vegan Hazelnut (£3) will be available from January 2022

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