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We’ve seen Japan become more eco-conscious lately, even in small ways, from creating new dishes using food waste  to the growing number of vegan restaurants in Tokyo.

Beeat Yaesu
Photo: Beeat Yaesu

Now, a new pop-up outdoor food court is aiming to help Tokyoites become more aware of the alternative food and drinks. Beeat Yaesu, located just outside Tokyo Station’s Yaesu central exit, has eight different food trucks serving up sustainable cuisine, including some vegan options.

Beeat Yaesu
Photo: Beeat Yaesu

At the appetiser truck, you can get an assortment of veggies with a bagna cauda dip (¥1,200) made by luxury hotel Aman Tokyo, which comes with lettuce grown at a special urban farm in Tokyo. Meanwhile, the Beanus food truck offers rice dishes like Srilankan soup curry (¥1,000) and paella (¥1,200) made with soybean ‘rice’ by food manufacturer Fujicco. There are also two drink trucks selling beer, cocktails and soft drinks, and an Italian-style pizza truck (from ¥700).

Beeat Yaesu
Photo: Beeat Yaesu

For fully plant-based options, head to the Asian food truck to get a taste of Chinese restaurant Tai Kou Rou’s zhajiangmian made with soy meat (¥1,200)

Beeat Yaesu
Photo: Beeat Yaesu

Or grab a thick, juicy all-vegan burger (¥700) made by The Vegetarian Butcher and top it all off with a cone from the dedicated vegan ice cream truck (from ¥400).

There is an open space in the centre with plenty of chairs, benches and tables where you can sit and enjoy your food. Beeat Yaesu will run until the end of March 2022, and organisers are planning to screen food films in the future in partnership with Brillia Short Shorts Theater Online. Keep an eye on the Beeat Yaesu website, as the food on offer might even change to match the cuisine featured in the films.

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