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As you may know, veganism is a complete lifestyle that requires making eco-friendly decisions in every aspect of your life – including clothing and shoes. But even if you aren’t vegan, you might be on the hunt for ethical footwear and wardrobe options.

And Will’s, it’s a shop that has made a name for its selection of sustainable products, from foods to shoes.

In this article, we’ve included all the information you need about Will’s vegan shoes. We’ve also included our favourite styles from Will’s sustainable footwear collection to help you pick the right pair!

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First things first… what’s a vegan shoe?

Simply put, a vegan shoe is one made without the use of animal-derived materials. You sometimes hear vegan shoes called sustainable shoes as no animals (or the environment) are hurt during their manufacturing.

With the rise in demand for ethical footwear over the years, the variety and quality of vegan shoes has improved drastically. Some brands, like Will’s Vegan Store, have entire collections of cruelty-free, sustainable footwear and apparel that are durable, lightweight and, most importantly, comfortable.


What are Will’s vegan shoes made of?

As you can guess by the name, the Will’s collection consists of shoes made from eco- and animal-friendly materials. This excludes many materials that are traditionally used in shoe-making, including leather, fur, wool, silk, down and even some glues.

Instead, they feature synthetic materials like polyurethane, microfiber fabric, PVC, rubber and recycled resin soles.

How high quality are Will’s vegan shoes?

As a brand, Will’s uses the best quality vegan materials available for their ethical footwear collection. The shoes are manufactured in carefully-selected factories in Italy and Portugal that are known for high-quality production and excellent workplace conditions.

All in all, it’s doubtful that you’ll find better quality non-leather shoes than Will’s vegan shoes. We agree that the options might be limited, but Will’s makes up for it with their premium quality.

If you need more options, check out Best Buys’ top walking shoe picks. While they aren’t vegan options, they may help you decide which shoes are best for your needs.

Do Will’s vegan shoes stretch?

Will’s shoes are made using high-quality vegan leather and suedes that are created from super-fine woven fibres. These fibres soften overtime and as a result, the shoes might stretch a little – much like you expect of traditional leather shoes – and mould to the shape of your feet.


Are Will’s true to size?

Generally, yes. Will’s are usually true to size, but if your pair is running just a little small, it might be worth wearing it for a while to ‘break in’ the shoes. The material softens with use, allowing the shoe to stretch and mould according to the shape of your feet.

That being said, if your new shoes feel too snug, Will’s Vegan Store does offer free exchange and return services, so you can always swap them for another size.

Can you get Will’s vegan shoes in the Black Friday sales?

Unfortunately, no. Like it or not, the products available at Will’s Vegan Store don’t go on sale. This is because of Will’s ethical approach. The store doesn’t believe in fast fashion and doesn’t offer discounts to sell more articles. This means you won’t see Will’s taking part in summer/spring or Black Friday sales.


The good news is that any time of year, you can shop Will’s knowing that you’re getting the best price available. There’s no need to wait

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Our top picks from Will’s Vegan Store shoes

When we said Will’s ethical shoes collection has something for every style, we really meant it. Here are some of our favourite Will’s vegan shoes:

The sporty ones

Photo: Will’s Vegan Store

Looking for a pair of shoes that isn’t just sustainable but super cool and comfortable to wear? You should definitely check out the Women’s LDN Biodegradable Sneakers by Will’s.

The sneakers are based on a new WVS sneaker silhouette and are available in three different colours. They’re perfect for sports and even daily wear.

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The practical ones

Photo: Will’s Vegan Store

These sassy and good-quality Vegan Women’s Work Boots from Will’s vegan shoe collection are all you need to go to work. They’re breathable, water-resistant and have deep-tread, sturdy rubber outsoles for durability.

The boots are super comfortable, lightweight and have a flattering fit (as opposed to other boots that are quite bulky).

Shop now at Will’s Vegan Store

The relaxed ones

Photo: Will’s Vegan Store

Finding a pair of men’s loafers that offer style with comfort can be a difficult task, but your search stops here with Will’s Recycled Espadrille Penny Loafers for Men.

These khaki loafers are super breathable and versatile. You can pair them with a casual outfit or wear them as house slippers. The best part? You can easily wash them by hand or put them in the washing machine. Need more shoe washing tips? Check out the Daily Mail Best Buys guide to washing shoes at home.

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The party ones

Photo: Will’s Vegan Store

These Vegan Women’s City Sandals are an excellent choice for those who want a pair of shoes they can easily wear from a day in the office to nights on the town.

Featuring an attractive tan colour, these sandals are all you need to rock those cool party outfits or formal suits. They’re very comfortable and have an adjustable strap for better grip.

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