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Quick fix breakfasts as a vegan are few and far between, so we’ve set off on a mission to see what’s out there and how it all compares.

After heading into Cheltenham town centre with the intention to try and review the new vegan Greggs breakfast selection, and failing, we decided to head to Starbucks for their version instead.

The Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich (Plant-Based) has actually been available at the American multinational coffee chain for nearly two years in the UK.

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Released on January 5, 2020, it’s somewhat shameful it’s taken us this long to review it, but better late than never right?

At an eye-watering £4.60, the breakfast roll from the big green lady is over double the new Greggs range of vegan sausage and bacon rolls, which are £1.90.

It’s hard to say of course whether this intense price difference is worth it without having tried both, but looking at the receipt still raises our heartrate nonetheless.

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The Beyond Patty Starbucks vegan breakfast roll is one of the only 'fast food' options in the plant based breakfast world
The Beyond Patty Starbucks vegan breakfast roll is one of the only ‘fast food’ options in the plant based breakfast world

If you’re wondering what’s in it, here’s what Starbucks has on the website description: “A Beyond Meat pea protein patty with our signature tomato relish, tofu turmeric egg alternative and a slice of coconut oil based alternative cheese.”

As you’ll see from the picture, and I hope you don’t think this is a harsh assessment, but I’m not convinced you can call whatever that the white paste is an ‘egg alternative.’

Presumably Starbucks are trying to save money on ingredients by making it such a small amount, but frankly at this point go one step further and just remove it – nobody would notice.

We tried the Beyond Patty Starbucks vegan breakfast roll and this is what we thought
The ‘egg alternative’ turmeric tofu scramble, we’re not sure whether having it in the roll was necessary but it tasted pretty good.

I have similar feelings to the ‘signature tomato relish’ addition, which, to be fair, may have just been hidden by the melted cheese alternative.

All that being said, the Beyond Patty, the cheese and the fresh white roll? Absolutely slapped. So much flavour, and the fact the cheese melted so well is an impressive feat in the vegan cheese world.

One of the main things the roll has going for it, is that it really is one of the only ‘fast food’ options for breakfast as a vegan / plant based person.

Which may be why they can charge such a steep amount.

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We tried the Beyond Patty Starbucks vegan breakfast roll and this is what we thought
Fresh bread and lots of flavour, a good breakfast if not a small fortune.

However, it does taste good. If we had lots of expendable income (we don’t) then pushing a fiver on it may not be such a horrifying prospect.

I will get this receipt expensed by work though, so therefore it was definitely worth it and I did enjoy it.

And by default it was better than Greggs as they’re rarely (if ever?) out of stock, and with a wait of three minutes as opposed to “20 / 25” I’m not complaining.

What’s your favourite ‘grab and go’ breakfast? Sign in and join in the comments below

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