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ANN ARBOR, MI — A local restaurant’s chili was recently named as some of the best vegan chili in the country by PETA, according to a list published by the advocacy group late last month.

Detroit Street Filling Station and The Lunch Room were included in a list by PETA, an animal rights advocacy group, as having one of ten best vegan chilis in the country.

“Chili bowls are the ultimate comfort food, and this one comes with the comforting thought that no animals were harmed to make it,” PETA President Ingrid Newkirk said in a statement announcing the list. “PETA celebrates The Lunch Room and the Detroit Street Filling Station for helping people tuck into their favorite foods without the cruelty or the cholesterol.”

The dish was included among chili from Kentucky, Virginia, Alabama and other states.

“Our chili gets a lot of love here at the restaurant,” said Phillis Engelbert, owner of Detroit Street Filling Station, adding that the restaurant sells more than 100 orders in just a week.

“The recipe has evolved a lot over time,” said Engelbert.

The dish features sweet potatoes, black beans, kidney beans, butternut squash and a variety of spices that give it a “smokey feel,” Engelbert said.

The recipe — like many of those served at Detroit Filling Station and The Lunch Room — is available on the restaurants’ website for customers to make at home.

“We figure if someone wants to make it at home, why not,” Engelbert said.

To find the recipe online, visit the website here.

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