Vegan man enrages family with his ‘untrustworthy’ babysitting decision Leave a comment

A man can’t believe his sister’s reaction to him feeding her kids vegan meals. He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to weigh in. “I have been on a plant-based diet for 10 years for health reasons,” he said. “My sister asked me if I could do her the favor of taking care of my niece and nephew for a week. “She knows about my diet, so I sent her this message: ‘Do you want my nephews to eat meat?. “If so, could you give me the money so I can go buy what I need so I can cook for them?’ But I didn’t get a reply. “They left them with me, and we had a really good week. In my personal opinion, [the kids] ate healthy and got all their nutrients” . “My sister was angry, with a capital ‘A.’ She yelled at me that I abused her children. “When I asked her why she didn’t respond to my message asking her if she wanted my nephews to eat meat, . “she replied that it was implicit that her family eats meat, and she didn’t think it was necessary to reply. “In the end, my sister told me that she will never trust me again, and she will tell the whole family how untrustworthy I am” . “Meals don’t HAVE TO include meat. Millions of people around the world are vegetarian and vegan,” one user said

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