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1. Temple Of Seitan

Image Credit: Temple of Seitan Instagram

The pinnacle of vegan fast food, TOS is a force to be reckoned
with. As its name suggests, seitan is the centerpiece here – think wings,
wraps, burgers, beef-style included – but also sides such as bacon-topped mac
and cheese, coleslaw and gravy. If you still have any v-skeptics to impress,
this is the place to take them.

2. Biff’s Jack Shack

Image Credit: Biff’s Jack Shack Instagram

What TOS is to seitan Biff’s is to jackfruit – watch them reinvent the meaning of wings, loaded fries and burgers with this versatile ingredient.

For more on BJS see Vegan Boxpark

3. What The Pitta

Image credit: What the Pitta Instagram

Doner kebabs are not off the menu for vegans (although
unfortunately unless you’re day drinking this isn’t a late night drunken
option), these wraps, filled with seasoned seitan ‘doner meat’ and all the
trimmings, are as filling as they are flavoursome.

For more on WTP see Vegan Boxpark

4. Purezza

Image Credit: Purezza Instagram

This multi-award-winning pizzeria boasts outstanding toppings,
makes its own mozzarella and is in the process of opening its own vegan
mozzarella factory. Go and see for yourself why this much-loved restaurant has
just scooped a top prize at the 2019 World Pizza Championships – which is
judged in Italy itself.

5. Young Vegans

Image Credit: Young Vegans Instagram

Cheesy mash, chips, minted peas and/or Mac and cheese – whatever
your side(s) of choice is(are) you can be sure not to be disappointed. Try such
hybrids as the cheeseburger pie or stick to traditional steak and ale – don’t
forget to get YV’s classic peanut butter mud pie for afters.

6. Genesis

Image Credit: Genesis Instagram

If you want to eat clean but still dirty, Genesis is the place
for you. With options such as American-style burgers, bahn mi hotdogs and  Korean BBQ wings, you can satisfy cravings
but with sustainable and organic produce, you’re doing yourself and the
environment a favour. Ps. Their vegan Mr Whippy-style soft serve is not to be

7. Mooshies

Image Credit: Mooshies Instagram

Dirty V burgers by brick lane – the classic beef-style patty
made with quinoa and black beans is surprisingly meaty, or try the magic
mushroom made with spicy panko-crumbed oyster mushrooms. ALERT: Mooshies serves
beautifully melting cheez sticks – to not order a portion would truly be a
travesty. Brownies and Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream and shakes are also on the

8. Club Mexicana @ The Spread Eagle

Image Credit: Club Mexicana Instagram

The kitchen at London’s first 100% vegan pub serves
Mexican-inspired street food, including such dishes as tacos (beer-battered
tofish and tempeh bacon are personal faves), burgers, wings and of course fully
loaded nachos. Desserts include horchata flavoured cheesecake and taco shells
stuffed with an intriguing angel delight-trifle hybrid.

9. Owl + Hitchhiker

Image Credit: OwlHitchhiker Instagram

Self-proclaimed ‘vegan junk dealers’ based in Holloway, this
omni pub still has a full-on vegan menu. Beefless burgers, chickish burgers,
tacos and strips, white truffle mac and cheese and even a crispy seitan burger
with mac and cheese and facon are just some of its offerings.

10. Sutton And Sons

Image Credit: Sutton And Sons Instagram

Enjoy Cockney’s vegan finest at the first 100% vegan chip shop
in London, which boasts a homemade banana blossom ‘fish’ that’s been marinated
in seaweed and samphire then deep fried in batter. The innovative menu also
includes classic veganised options such as ‘prawn’ cocktail, ‘scampi’, tofish,
‘chicken’ and ‘fish’ burgers, battered sausages and Young Vegans’ pie and mash.

11. Eat Chay

Image Credit: Eat Chay Instagram

Vegan fish and chips?? From an Asian-inspired vendor?? That’s
right – and it’s DELICIOUS. EC do it their way though with the addition of
chilli to the classic dill and tartar sauce accompaniments to stay true to
their Vietnamese roots. KFT or Korean fried tofu is also available, as well as
bao, bahn mi and bowls.

For more on Eat Chay see Vegan Boxpark

12. Chip Nation

Image Credit: Chip Nation Instagram

Bang in the centre of Soho lies a place to get the most pimped
up chips you could imagine. With over 7000 combos, Chip Nation is completely
veggie but there are also a multitude of vegan options available such as Korean
BBQ sauce, vegan mayo and toppings including vegan cheese, vegan bacon and fried

13. Black Cat Cafe

Image Credit: Black Cat Hackney Instagram

Hackney’s first and finest cafe, it has stood the test of time
with vegan competition cropping up in the area. Changing menu but expect to see
curries, big breakkies, burgers and everything in between. All profits go
directly into the community as well so go get some good karma.

14. Dou Dou

As everyone who has ever visited Camden in their youth knows,
Dou Dou used to be the best-value vegan food in the area and even with Camden’s
ever-changing vegan scene it is still very much present. The whole Chinese
buffet is vegan and includes mock meats and veg dishes alike. Unlimited if you
eat in, or take away for a little less ££.

15. Moaz

Image Credit: Moaz Instagram

The word falafel fills many vegans with fear, evoking such images of dry, underfilled sandwiches – the default last resort for hungry vegans everywhere. But Moaz serve falafels how they should be served: freshly fried and fragrant, placed between hummus or babaganoush slathered pitta with as much salad as is humanly possible to stuff (if you’re feeling decadent, ask for fried aubergines). Moaz’s brief swap to a noodle House from 2016-18 was very distressing for me but I’m happy to report that they are back in the same venue, with seemingly booming business.

16. Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner

Image Credit: Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner Instagram

Serving up American-style comfort food that have been veganised,
with classic dishes including The Dirty Burger (soy mince patty with facon and
cheez), the cashew-based Mac’n’Cheez with facon bits and cashew parmesan and
seitan buffalo wings with blue cheez sauce, without forgetting their New
York-inspired Reuben sandwich and mozzarella sticks.

17. Leon

Image Credit: Leon Restaurants Instagram

I know you can find a Leon in pretty much every UK city but I’m
mentioning it here as its Love burger is a strong contender for one of the best
vegan burgers I’ve ever had. It’s not as huge or fully loaded as many vegan
burgers tend to be but it’s meaty enough and the love sauce is perfect replica
of a good burger sauce. It’s a super quick option, whose lightness is perfect
for lunchtime. Don’t be fooled by this though, it is still pretty filling and,
in London, to find a burger under £7 is unheard of. Accompany with baked fries
with a vegan jaffa cake or doughnut as dessert.

18. Cookdaily

Image Credit: Cookdaily Instagram

What do grime fans and vegans have in common? They both love
Cookdaily. Lauded by JME himself, Cookdaily used to take up a small, single
space at Shoreditch’s Boxpark with regular queues out of the door, quickly
extending to two then outgrew Boxpark completely and can now be found at its
own London Fields location. Serving a variety of bowls with kingcookdairly’s
unique spin on classics such as a full english, chickn & mushroom pie. Do
not miss the legendary High-Grade sauce, buy a bottle to take home and watch
all your dishes become sensational.

19. The Diner

Image Credit: The Diner Instagram

This omni London chain has upped its vegan game in recent years
with a separate veggie/vegan menu in Dalston, Shoreditch, Spitalfields and
Strand branches. From vegan pancakes to philly cheese steaks, burgers, tacos,
hot dogs, cheez fries and even queso, there is a classic American dish to suit
even the fussiest of vegans.

20. Arancini Brothers

Image Credit: Arancini Brothers Instagram

Formally omni, this London chain took the vegan plunge in 2018
and has never looked back. As the name suggests, they mainly specialise in the
eponymous deep-fried Sicilian dish but also serve stews, wraps and
risotto-pattied burgers – the latter includes the FGV, with double cheese,
pickles and crispy onions, it’s named after rather big (vegan) cheese in the
vegan blogging game – Fat Gay Vegan. For those of you who don’t know what
arancini is, it’s a risotto ball which has been breadcrumbed and deep-fried.

21. Loving Hut

Image Credit: Loving Hut

Archway is the London location of this worldwide vegan branch.
Home of Chinese classics such as crispy duck, chicken satay skewers, crispy
beef, spare ribs and  Prawn Fried Rice –
their extensive menu even includes various types of burgers, curies and fish
and chips.

Basically any classic takeaway you could want, Loving Hut will
have veganised.

22. The Full Nelson

Image Credit: The Full Nelson Instagram

This fully veggie kitchen in the depths of south east london
(SE8 postcode!) is part of a quirky pub and as well as being able to veganise
everything, offers a dinner and brunch menu that’s the perfect hangover cure.
For brunch expect stacked savoury and sweet pancakes, chkn and waffles, tofu
‘eggs’ benedict and of course a full English. For dinner expect burgers, seitan
wings, corn dogs… and…a battered deep-fried double-stuffed oreo and ice cream.

23. Vx

Image Credit: VX Instagram

One of the first London destinations for vegan junk food, Vx was a godsend for me as a young vegan living in London. My monthly pilgrimages gave me access to refrigerated vegan goods, such as fake meat and cheese, cream cakes and hot vegan snacks. Now it offers a plethora of treats such as, chikn nugs, bbq ribs, cheesy chips, all-day breakfasts, Blue cheese Seitan burger, 3 Cheese Meatball Pasta bowl and even a Mac’n’cheese & Meatball baked wrap. PHEW.

Where’s your favourite place for vegan fast food in London? Let us know in the comments below!

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