Does a Vegan Diet Prevent the Coronavirus? Here’s What Doctors Think Leave a comment

Although a plentiful plant-based diet can help reduce the side effects of the coronavirus, it doesn’t completely prevent one from contracting it at all. COVID-19 is contracted through the eyes, nose, and mouth, which means those who follow a vegan diet are just as likely to contract the virus as non-vegans, according to Vegan Friendly. Our point? Vegans have to wear masks and social distance, too!

Also, not all vegan diets can necessarily be deemed “healthy” ones. Following a plant-based diet is only “healthy” if it’s well-balanced with fruits, vegetables, proteins, and complex carbohydrates. Being too restrictive, or consuming unusually high amounts of any one food group can make following a plant-based diet virtually useless, healthwise. If you are just starting out in the world of plant-based foods and need a helping hand, check out our guide on transitioning to a vegan diet for tips.

Getting started in the realm of veganism isn’t always easy, but making a gradual transition is certainly worth your while – not only for the sake of the environment, but also to lower your chances of developing weight problems, diabetes, or heart disease, and ultimately, to mitigate the risk of suffering from the effects of COVID-19. 

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