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You get more recipes and everything gets a little bit easier. Your body’s gonna adapt to everything you’re putting into it, you just have to make sure you’re fueling it enough for what you’re putting out on the field and even in the off season, so you’re not dizzy or lightheaded.

What kinds of benefits did you see when you started eating plant-based?

You’re not as bloated. You’re running and your knees don’t hurt as much. You stop waking up in the morning feeling groggy. Many people say they wake up after a hearty meal and feel bad and sick. I never wake up after eating a whole bunch of food and say, “Man, I feel terrible that I ate that last night.” You feel energized. When you take all the heartier stuff out and put the plant-based in, you don’t have to overwork to digest everything.

Are your teammates ever skeptical about your eating habits?

No, we have a couple people on the team who are vegan, so I just look at them, like, “Hey, what do I need to do?” We had a full conversation about pancake mix. It’s not for everybody. Years ago it was a lot harder than it is now that they have all these different products.

How do your workouts line up with all this?

During offseason I work out for about two hours a day. Before a workout I might get some cereal, oatmeal, or more cauliflower hash browns with avocado to get the nutrition going. This year has been more green smoothies with flax seeds, carrots, kale, spinach, mango, stuff like that, after the workout. In season [working out] is an everyday thing for us. It never stops. I get one day off a week, and on that day off I’m getting beat up by the kids. Last year I ate nothing but pancakes every single morning.

My pre-practice meal is an almond butter and jelly sandwich. From there it’s whatever the team has. Last year we had vegan tacos. I don’t know what their recipe was, but I hope it gets leaked. Everybody thinks it’s just eating salads. It’s actually having fun, it’s creating dishes. Creating those tacos, those lasagnas, those pastas, creating the pizzas. How can I enjoy eating?

When you first went vegan did you change your workouts at all?

Because I waded in it wasn’t that bad. If my energy level is going down, I’ll start eating more of that sweet potato and potato base to just get it back in my body. 

I’ve never been a big protein shake person, that’s why I tend towards more the green smoothies. I wasn’t as bloated and I enjoyed it a lot more. It was easier to figure out what I need to eat and how I need to eat it. Some days I have moments where I realize I need to eat more of this, like more starches. I’m not a big rice person. Rice bloats me, so I said I’m not gonna do white rice, I’m gonna do brown rice. It’s one of those things that’s, like, hey, this is working right now, let’s continue to do it, let’s have more potato. I was on a potato kick, then I went on to a sweet potato kick ’cause it was just cleaner for my body.

What other maintenance do you do for your muscles?

I have a chiropractor, acupuncturist, PT, and a massage guy. I alternate days for them, with each coming twice a week. I have an alkaline machine in my house now, so I drink alkaline water every single day. We drink about a gallon or two of water a day. I do a lot of active stretching to maintain the strength in those muscles. I also go on walks with the kids to keep the body moving and flowing, swimming a little bit. 

You just can’t stop in the off season. If you just stop and think you’re gonna be the same player, it’s not gonna happen. Once the season is over, my treatment picks up even more. I make sure I get treated every single day to maintain the physical shape I’ve been in and the muscles that need to be repaired from the season. Because you get beat up so much, you can’t ignore it. you need to replenish your muscles and repair, so once you get going again you’re not dealing with the same issues you were the year before.

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