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Co-op’s popular vegan range GRO has launched its first chilled vegan drink, Red Velvet Latte.

The unique flavour from GRO boasts an oaty flavour with hints of roast coffee and rounded with sweet vanilla and cocoa notes.

Moreover, GRO’s first chilled latte is just £1 for 250ml and will be available in Co-op stores across the nation from August 18th.

“We wanted to combine popular yet unique flavour profiles”

The vegan Red Velvet Latte from Co-op is brightly coloured and delivers a moreish flavour.

Its striking red colouring derives from natural carrot and beetroot concentrate and as with all Co-op coffee products, it is also Fairtrade.

Not only is this vegan latte fun and frothy, but it is also just 72 calories and is enriched with Vitamin D and B12.

GRO’s plant-based chilled drink is perfect for breakfast on the go, or for a quick boost throughout the day.

In a statement made to Vegan Food & Living, Co-op’s Chilled Drink Developer Jonathan Howard shared: “We wanted to combine popular yet unique flavour profiles, Red Velvet and Mocha, for an exciting new offer that adds something different to your lunch or breakfast.

“Chilled Lattes continue to be extremely popular and we’re so excited to bring this affordable vegan option to the market, in our new 100% recyclable RPET packaging!”

Co-op’s GRO range

Co-op’s GRO range continues to be one of the top plant-based brands in the UK.

The GRO range offers a wide variety of delicious plant-based options from meat-free burgers to dairy-free ice cream.

Additionally in May, Co-op committed to price match its GRO plant-based range to non-vegan equivalents.

This ground-breaking change means plant-based eaters are no longer being charged a premium price to give shoppers an opportunity to try new vegan options without being prohibited by cost.

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