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KFC is the most talked about food outlet on Twitter. (Getty Images)

KFC is the most talked about food outlet on Twitter. (Getty Images)

  • South Africans really love chatting about KFC, Nando’s, and McDonald’s; they don’t care much about Fishaways and Pizza Hut.
  • And when it comes to food delivery platforms, they have many opinions about UberEats.
  • They also like to talk about vegan options, a survey of social media chatter shows.
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When it comes to fast food outlets, South Africans love talking about KFC, and among their topics of interest are vegan alternatives, a new report tracking media conversations in the country shows.

Media intelligence and social analytics firm Meltwater looked at hundreds of thousands of tweets between January and June its Fast Food Industry Stats Report.

It found quick-service restaurants Nando’s and McDonald’s were the second and third most talked about, after KFC, while South Africans care least about Fishaways, Pizza Hut, Mochachos, and RocoMamas.


KFC, McDonald’s and Nando’s come up tops in conversations about fast food. (Graphic: Meltwater)

Vegan and vegetarian alternatives were the third top concern when it came to talk about fast food on Twitter, accounting for 17% of mentions. Packaging, which accounted for 40%, was the foremost concern, and hygiene the second at 30%.

The reliance on takeaways and home consumption during the pandemic and associated lockdowns show up in the data.

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“Home delivery services, such as UberEats and Mr D are continuing to drive the growth of the South African fast-food market. This distribution channel has taken on even greater significance during the national lockdown, with these delivery services allowing key industry players to continue to operate, even as consumers spend more time at home,” said Meltwater.

While many traditional fine dining restaurants began hopping onto food delivery apps such as UberEats and Mr D for survival, quick-service restaurants still dominate the platforms.

In the online food delivery space, South Africans have many opinions about UberEats which was mentioned more than 4,000 times, relative to Mr D’s 1,600 mentions.

And when talking about fast food, these are the emojis and themes they’re likely to use.


The emojis and words South Africans are most likely to use in conversations about fast food. (Graphic: Meltwater)

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