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Whether you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, or stop animal cruelty, veganism can offer you the solution. The Vegan diet has been trending in the health world for a while, and it’s for a good reason. Many people, especially those with intolerance to lactose and other animal-based products, have realized the importance of following this diet for its myriad of benefits.

If you are a first-time vegan and you feel confused and overwhelmed about what to do and what not to do, we have got you covered with these few do’s and don’ts that will pave your way to leading a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Do: Supplement on Vitamin B12

The one thing many omnivores feel reluctant to follow the vegan diet is the inevitable B12 deficiency. However, what they don’t realize is that B12 deficiency is common among different diets and lifestyles due to how hard it is to get enough of it through our diets. Since the main source of Vitamin B12 is usually animal products, vegans are at increased risk of developing a deficiency. This is why it’s better to prepare and supplement with 25 micrograms of Vitamin B12 to avoid numbness, tingling, decreased concentration, mood problems, and other symptoms.

Do: Start Slowly

Starting big and suddenly cutting off all animal-products can irritate the stomach and lead to stomach ache, diarrhea, or constipation. Therefore, it’s always best to start slowly with small changes one at a time to give your body enough time to adjust to the new lifestyle you are embarking on without overwhelming yourself with questions such as is marmite vegan or not. You can start by cutting dairies, then after a while, start reducing your consumption of other animal products until your body is ready. Some people start by going as part-time vegans until lunchtime until they are ready to fully and strictly follow the vegan diet.

Don’t: Depend on Processed Vegan Foods

When many vegans start their journey, they get confused about what to eat and how to cook their meals. This pushes them to rely on ready-to-eat vegan processed food, junk food, and other snacks that don’t provide their bodies with enough nutrients. Even if you are following the vegan diet only for ethical reasons, it’s better to follow a plant-based diet where you cut off all junk and processed vegan foods from your menu. This should be done to avoid weakness, fatigue, and other problems that are accompanied by deficiencies.

Don’t: Worry About Cravings

When you are first adjusting to your new lifestyle, it’s okay to get some cravings. Usually, whenever the body feels deprived, it tends to compensate itself by craving what has been suddenly cut off from it. It’s important to show yourself some patience. Sometimes, you might give in to your cravings, and that is okay. Wake up the next day and start again. Giving yourself a hard time whenever you give in to your cravings might backfire and pushes you to give up instead of trying again.

Do: Experiment with New Techniques

Changing your diet and your lifestyle doesn’t solely depend on restricting certain foods. Changes should include much more than just the type of foods you include in your diets, such as cooking techniques and eating habits. Don’t be afraid to do some experiments with how you cook your food. If you are under the impression that you don’t have anything new to learn, then you are definitely mistaken. Consider this new lifestyle as an opportunity to learn more about different cooking techniques, including new ingredients, and rediscovering the joy in cooking your own food. 

Don’t: Give Up on Eating Out

While you should consider this as a chance to eat healthier, whether it’s for achieving your weight goals or to have a stronger body, still you shouldn’t restrict yourself from a timeout. It’s important to understand that veganism might leave you feeling left out since you won’t always be able to grab a bite with your friends or enjoy family gatherings. 

This is why you should always tell your close circle about the new changes in your lifestyle. This way, you will be able to make plans with them. Make sure to choose a restaurant that offers vegan-friendly meals and enjoy a night out with your friends or family every now and then.

Veganism is a lifestyle that has been trending in the health and fitness world for a while. Many people are taking interest in this diet for different reasons. Regardless of whether you are following this diet for ethical reasons or fitness and health reasons, the previously mentioned tips can help you in paving your way until you get the hang of veganism.

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