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When I initially went vegetarian, and since I’ve transitioned to a more plant-based vegan diet, it seems all my friends and loved ones took it as a cue for gifts. These days, my shelves are packed with some seriously wonderful vegan cookbooks, many of them gifted to me by well-meaning relations.

And in the years since I started my journey, I’ve found that the world of vegan cookbooks only gets better and better. With everyone from longtime bloggers to celebrity chefs (like Eric Ripert) writing vegetable-forward cookbooks, there’s no shortage of great titles to turn to—whether you’re learning to cook within the bounds of a vegan diet or seeking recipe inspiration. Here, find some of the best vegan cookbooks to add to any personal library.

When you’re looking for a cookbook for beginner vegans, it’s best to find one that’s either full of simple, accessible recipes, or one that helps provide recipes to swap in for former favorites. This list is a mix of both of those things—it includes some of the best vegan cookbooks from 2021, along with go-to titles from years past.

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