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Independence From Meat Day is a perfect time to give up the meat for a day and see if the particular meat-free lifestyle is something you want to pursue in the long haul. Celebrated every year on July 4, Independence From Meat Day encourages people to go on the vegetarian diet for a day, to promote the virtues of a meatless diet not just on the health but also on the environment. There are copious studies that suggest that vegetarians have a lower cholesterol level and do not fall victim to heart-related issues. It also reduces carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by copious food-production processes. However, many shy away from a vegetarian lifestyle, since it’s a universal belief that veggies just don’t taste as good as meat. Irrespective of the fact that by substituting veggies into your diet you avoid consuming pesticides, mercury, lead, arsenic, steroids and carcinogens that are pumped into animals, people still reach for their fried chicken like it’s running out of style. However, If you’d ever come across a good jackfruit Burget or biryani, you would be reaching for the green produce peeps. Here are five vegetarian or vegan dishes that can substitute for meat.

Everyone loves a good nugget. especially a chicken nugget. But have you ever tried a Crispy Tofu Nugget that will keep you reaching for more? While not a vegetable, this plant-based soya-bean based ingredient, is a great source of vegetable protein and has a texture like meat. This vegan twist on the traditional nugget carries punchy flavours and tastes darn delicious. Look it up, and try it out on Independence From Meat Day.

If you crave meaty flavours, mushrooms are your go-to plant-based veggie. The umami flavours is a great substitute for your everyday meat and veggie diet. The wide arrayed of mushrooms in the market is healthy, delicious and creates some mouth-watering dishes. Mushroom Stroganoff is quick, easy and delicious to boot. They are great comfort food and is extremely rich in states. This healthy twist on your classic beef stroganoff will keep the meat craving at bay.

If you are a hardcore steak and potatoes fan, you need to get some jackfruit in your life. This particular plant-based substitute for meat is surprisingly delicious and quite healthy. Jackfruit in savoury dishes is quite a treat on any given day. Jackfruit burgers and steaks are a great replacement for your average meat variety and are also extremely healthy and delicious.

Eggplant is probably the most used vegetable on a meatless diet. It’s ubiquitous in any vegan restaurant across the world and can be used in salads, pizzas, parmigiana etc. If you want to change it up and try something interesting, try an eggplant burger, which is vegan and quite healthy. You can top them off with caramelized onions, mayo, mustard for a delicious flavour fest.

We all love our spaghetti and meatballs but have you ever tried a vegetarian version of it? Made from lentils, the meatballs have the same meaty texture but it’s low in fats and cholesterol. They are quite hearty and can replace any ground meat.

It’s a misguided notion that by going veg, you have to sacrifice on all your favourite dishes. Any meat-based dish can be replaced by veggies on any day. So try out these delicious foods and see for yourself, how giving up meat might not actually be the end of the world. On the contrary, it might just save the world.

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