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7 amazing pride desserts to help you celebrate

Celebrations are always sweeter with desserts and pastries, . so here are 7 creative, colorful, and delicious Pride-themed desserts to help you participate!. 1. Lesbian Flag Cake . This beautiful cake celebrates visibility by incorporating the Lesbian Flag, made up of different shades of orange, pink, purple, and white. 2. Pride Donut Crazy Shake . The vanilla rainbow shake from Black Tap includes a vanilla frosted rim with sour gummies, sour candy belts, . a rainbow lollipop, and to top it all off, a rainbow donut and plenty of sprinkles!. 3. 6-layer Rainbow Ice Cream Cake. The colorful cake is made from layered cookie sandwiches with vanilla sprinkle ice cream. 4. Pride Macarons. Each color is a different flavor and they look phenomenal stacked with rainbow frosting between each layer. 5. Pride Pancakes. These multicolored flapjacks will give you a smile, and taste just like the regular old pancakes that you love. 6. Flag Cookies. From the lighter blue, pink, and white pastels of the Transgender Flag to the darker hues of the Asexual Flag, . these adorable cookies will add a flare to your Pride celebration. 7. Bi Cake Pops . These pink, purple, and blue cake pops melt in your mouth and help celebrate the bisexual members of the community all while looking and tasting delicious!

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