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Ready, set, recipes! Here are our just published, fresh-out-the-mill recipes in one convenient place! These are the top vegan recipes of the day, and are now a part of the thousands of recipes on our Food Monster App! Our newest recipes includes brownies and tofu strips so if you’re looking for something new and delicious, these recipes are it!

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1. Spiced Hot Chocolate S’mores Brownies

Vegan Spiced Hot Chocolate S’mores Brownies

Source: Spiced Hot Chocolate S’mores Brownies

This Spiced Hot Chocolate S’mores Brownies by Dustin Harder is a variation of the cake I created when I competed in the final round of the Food Network Girl Scout Cookie Championship television show. The cake was a six layer, two-tiered, double barrel cake featuring chili peppers from a surprise ingredient table and the vegan s’mores girl scout cookie. This brownie offers up the chocolatey, spicy, marshmallow ooey gooey fun the cake did, only in one simple layer, one pan, and a fraction of the time. Oh, and also without the pressure of doing it on TV in front of a panel of judges and a dozen cameras on you.

2. Crispy Tofu Strips

Vegan Crispy Tofu Strips

Source: Crispy Tofu Strips

Are you looking for a plant-based version of chicken strips that’s just as satisfyingly crispy? These Crispy Tofu Strips by Planted and Picked have a good bite to them and are great dunked in your favorite dipping sauce!

3. Banana Cupcakes

Vegan Banana Cupcakes

Source: Banana Cupcakes

Banana Cupcakes by Lena Novak are topped with crushed Almonds. They are just heavenly and easy to make.

4. Margarita Smoothie

Vegan Margarita Smoothie

Source: Margarita Smoothie

This Margarita Smoothie by Robin Browne is loaded with pineapple, coconut yogurt, dates, spinach, coconut water, and lots of lime! This pineapple spinach smoothie is banana-free. So if bananas aren’t your thing, this margarita smoothie just might be.

5. Guacanoochi

Vegan Guacanoochi

Source: Guacanoochi

Just when you thought you’d seen it all… leave it to the Husbands to invent something entirely brand new; something that’s never been attempted in a kitchen before; a recipe that is completely unsearchable on Google; a debut dip that is going to change the way you think about guacamole forever: this Guacanoochi by Adam Merrin and Ryan Alvarez! It’s almost too good to be true, but this vibrant green bowl of deliciousness is, in fact, 100% real.

6. Healthier Peanut Butter and Jelly Baked Doughnuts

Vegan Healthier Peanut Butter and Jelly Baked Doughnuts

Source: Healthier Peanut Butter and Jelly Baked Doughnuts

You can get away with having doughnuts for breakfast. You heard it right. Whole food ingredients make these doughnuts healthy enough for any meal of the day. Make this Healthier Peanut Butter and Jelly Baked Doughnuts by Ciarra Siller, you deserve that kind of love.

7. Raw Jelly Doughnuts

Vegan Raw Jelly Doughnuts

Source: Raw Jelly Doughnuts

These no-bake, soft, and fluffy doughnuts are made from nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and coconut sweeteners. With a dehydrator, these healthy and decadent treats only take about an hour or two. In fact, the hardest problem you’ll have with this Raw Jelly Doughnuts by Amanda Nicole Smith is resisting the urge to eat all the batter while waiting!

8. Grapefruit Creme Brûlée

Vegan Grapefruit Creme Brûlée

Source: Grapefruit Creme Brûlée

I’m not really sure why it took me this long to try my hand at a vegan creme brûlée., but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, without the traditional egg and cream base. Even though I’m a through and through pudding hater, something about this Grapefruit Creme Brûlée by Abby Thompson with its warm, crunchy sugary top and the cold, vanilla filling of a creme brûlée just speaks to me.

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