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In recent years, Target has upped its vegan game, and now, the retail giant is doing it again. Among other new goodies, Target has added several vegan products under its flagship food brand, Good & Gather, and they’re as tasty as they are affordable. So what should you look for during your next Target shopping excursion? We’ve rounded up 20 finds that deserve a spot in your shopping cart. 

1. Miyoko’s Creamery Pepper Jack and Farmhouse Cheddar Shreds
Miyoko’s continues to innovate the vegan cheese world with these new shreds made from cultured legumes and oats. They’re the first in a new line of everyday cheeses from the company, and they’ve just landed at Target.

2. Good & Gather Plant-Based Meatless Chick’n Tenders
For every vegan who’s been hoping more companies would offer plant-based chicken, put this new Good & Gather frozen product on your shopping list. Target’s flagship grocery brand also added vegan Falafel with Tzatziki Sauce, Spicy Black Bean Burger, Meatless Crumble, and Plant-Based Meatless Beef-style Patties to its lineup. 

3. Justin’s Almond Butter Protein Bars
Looking for a healthy snack option? This new protein bar—which is best kept refrigerated—features the company’s famous almond butter. The plain almond butter flavor is vegan and packed with 10 grams of protein, so it’s guaranteed to satisfy. 

4. Project 7 Sour Fruit Gummies
If you’re looking for less sugar in your (or your kids’) candy, these plant-based treats should make you smile. They contain only three grams of sugar in the 100-calorie bags and provide spot-on sour taste. 

5. Hodo Organic Vegan Moroccan Tofu Cubes
If you haven’t yet tried the trendiest tofu in town, you’re missing out. These chermoula-spiced cubes made from organic tofu can be tossed into a stir-fry, soup, or salad. They’re so good you could even eat them straight out of the package.

6. Banza Plain Pizza Crust
Move over, cauliflower crust. Banza’s new crust made from chickpeas is here to give those pizza nights a serious upgrade. According to the company, this crust contains more fiber and protein and less sodium than leading cauliflower- and wheat-based crust brands.    

7. GT’s Synergy Organic Kombucha Tantric Turmeric
Give your gut some healthy nourishment with GT’s new flavor, part of its Rooted series. It is made from 100-percent organic ingredients and contains nine billion living probiotics along with the superfood turmeric to boost your wellbeing. 

8. Beyond Meat Breakfast Sausage
Elevate your breakfast—or any meal, for that matter—with Beyond Meat’s newest product. The company notes that it’s a slightly different recipe than the one it introduced at national restaurant chains, but it’s still loaded with tasty goodness from herbs and spices and a blend of pea and brown rice protein. 

9. Impossible Foods Burger Ground
Impossible Foods, the alternative meat the country’s gone nuts over (though no nuts are harmed in its making!), has finally landed at Target locations nationwide. Pick up a 12-ounce pack and make all your meatless dreams come true. 

10. Simple Mills Brownie Mix
Life wouldn’t be the same without some brownies to brighten the day, and this mix makes some of the best fudgy brownies. To make it vegan, use a flaxseed egg instead of the recommended chicken egg. 

11. Kite Hill Plant-Based Butter Alternative
What do you get when you combine cultured almond milk and a mix of oils like coconut and sunflower? A rich yet lightly flavored butter that will knock the socks off any non-dairy butter naysayers.  

12. Upton’s Naturals Updog
Hot dog lovers, rejoice. Upton’s just launched its seitan-based hot dogs. They’re flavored with yellow mustard seed and onion powder and feature an innovative algae-based coating and unique curing process, making them perfect for grilling. 

13. Daiya Foods Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Bars
The vegan cheese giant is bringing yet another cravable product to vegan fans across the country. These frozen dessert bars feature a coconut-milk base wrapped in fair-trade dark chocolate. Choose from Chocolate Fudge Crunch, Classic Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel Swirl, and Espresso Coffee flavors—or splurge on all four.   

14. Amy’s Vegan Broccoli & Cheeze Bake
This vegan mac and cheese rocks, and even more so with the addition of organic broccoli so you can indulge in comfort food and feel good about it, too. The cheese melts beautifully, and the taste is pure heaven. 

15. Tofurky Plant-Based Burgers
If you’re a Tofurky fan, you will want to add these burgers to your freezer. Each patty contains 19 grams of protein and maintains the tempting taste Tofurky has become famous for.  

16. Real Food from the Ground Up’s Cauliflower Cheddar Crackers
Crackers made from cauliflower? You read that right. Former Cheez-It fans will dig the flavor and texture of these crackers. Be sure to pop a box in your cart if you spot them in the cracker aisle.

17. Milkadamia Unsweetened Milk 
Tired of soy, almond, or oat milk? If you’ve never given Milkadamia a shake, do so. This company uses raw macadamia nuts to make their milks, which are rich in healthy omegas and antioxidants. Bonus: The company is committed to sustainable farming techniques to help reverse climate change and has taken a strong stance against the use of destructive palm oil.  

18. CLIF Spiced Pumpkin Pie Bar
Pumpkin lovers, make sure you get your hands on this warming protein bar flavor while they’re in season. Plus, part of the proceeds from seasonal bars like this one go to American Forests, helping the company move closer to its mission to plant one million trees by 2025.

19. Hippeas Nacho Vibes Organic Chickpea Puffs
When you’ve got a craving for chips, pull out these delightfully airy puffs. The chickpeas give them a notch up in the health department and their cheesiness will make you extra happy.  

20. Sweet Earth Foods Veggie Lover’s Pizza
You’ve no doubt seen this pizza in the frozen section already, but the recipe was recently reformulated, making it an almost brand new item. It’s not just any veggie pizza; this one goes to the gourmet level with broccoli, mushrooms, and Brussels sprouts on a cauliflower-based crust.

Karen Asp is the author of Anti-Aging Hacks and award-winning journalist, as well as a fitness pro certified in plant-based nutrition, world record-holding athlete (in Nordic walking), vegan mentor with PETA, and board member with Uplands PEAK Sanctuary, Indiana’s first farmed animal sanctuary.


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