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It’s the weekend so that usually calls for one thing – a takeaway.

Whether or not you’re vegan, having meat-free alternatives is a great way to lower your carbon-footprint and help reduce climate change even if you only skip meat once a week. 

To celebrate the increase in veganism worldwide, a new study by Exante has found the most vegan-friendly place for take-out and delivery in the UK, with Bournemouth making the top 20. 

To also help vegans up their takeaway game, the study has found the top-rated vegan-friendly takeouts in the town.

According to the study Bournemouth there are 55 vegan-friendly restaurants offering delivery, which is a bonus for budding vegans living in Bournemouth. 

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The best vegan takeaways in Bournemouth

As part of the study, Exante has also put together a list of the best vegan take-outs in Bournemouth, which is ranked based on the number of ‘excellent’ TripAdvisor reviews for each takeout and delivery restaurant offering plant-based items – perfect for deciding what to eat on a cosy night in. 

1. Forno Pizza

92 per-cent ‘excellent’ ratings

2. Tiger Bay 

85 per-cent ‘excellent’ ratings

3. El Murrino

82 per-cent ‘excellent’ ratings

4. Pizzeria Triangolo

81 per-cent ‘excellent’ ratings

5. Dilli Haat

80.5 per-cent ‘excellent’ ratings

6. Makla Bistro 

80 per-cent ‘excellent’ ratings

7. The Luxor Restaurant

79 per-cent ‘excellent’ ratings

8. Jammin Jerk Hut

78.5 per-cent ‘excellent’ ratings

9. Pizzeria Via Roma 

78 per-cent ‘excellent’ ratings

10. Bournemouth Pizza Co

77 per-cent ‘excellent’ ratings

Bournemouth Echo:

Top vegan towns and cities in the UK (Exante)

There are an estimated three million vegans in the UK – Exante also analysed TripAdvisor data to calculate the percentage of restaurants across the UK offering both delivery and vegan options, to discover which places in Britain are the most vegan-friendly.

Bournemouth was rated as the 17th most vegan-friendly place in the UK with 45 per-cent of restaurants offering vegan meals. 

However with the highest percentage of vegan restaurants Luton bags top spot.

Veganism has become increasingly popular, even more so in Luton, with 58 per-cent of all restaurants offering vegan options. The city has also started to organise a vegan fair to cater to both budding and long-standing vegans.

Brighton and Hove follow closely in 2nd with 77 restaurants offering vegan options which is no surprise as it’s always had a good reputation for vegan food

What’s your favourite vegan friendly restaurant? Let us know in the comments.

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