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5 unexpected ways to use tahini

tahini can be used in a lot more dishes than you might expect. Here are 5 unexpected dishes that use tahini. 1. Tahini chocolate truffles (paleo, vegan). This simple dessert can be made with just two ingredients: chocolate and tahini. If you want this recipe to be vegan, make sure to use dark chocolate. 2. Banana tahini smoothie. Blend up a banana with some yogurt, tahini, ice and milk. The result is a sweet, creamy drink that is sure to go down easy. 3. Tahini chocolate chip cookies (gluten-free, paleo). The tahini in these cookies gives them a rich, nutty taste that pairs deliciously with the chocolate chips. 4. Creamy tahini potatoes . This recipe is a great way to upgrade your classic dinner potatoes. 5. Tahini brownies. Tahini can easily replace peanut butter in peanut butter brownies

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