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Over the most recent 10 years, we’ve seen two patterns become progressively on the ascent: a fixation on curation and brands that guarantee moral obligation. In the internet business world, there is one brand that has made a commercial center totally pounding it in these two classifications. The Vegan Warehouse is the main online retail location represent considerable authority in top notch, yet moderate vegetarian design, excellence, home and that’s just the beginning.

Established by Ewelina and Carl Augustin, the spouse and husband couple, the thought was started when Ewelina went vegan in 2010, as she battled to discover veggie lover options in contrast to her ordinary staples that were effectively available and moderate. In view of this mission, they knew making a commercial center that would work on the existences of vegetarians, and acquaint pitilessness free living with a more extensive crowd could assist numerous individuals with comparative stories like their own.

Since its conception in 2017, The Vegan Warehouse founded by Ewelina and Carl Augustin (husband and wife duo) has continuously made a name in creating a space for the best of vegan fashion and beauty. As the first online marketplace for vegan products, the marketplace has grown from a small range to carrying over 80 certified vegan brands, and now features their very own vegan leather goods brand, MERSI. On March 15th, their Spring launch will go live. We received a few of their new vegan handbags and they are really awesome and great.

MERSI originated from the idea that there needn’t be sacrifice for high-quality fashion. Creating pieces at an affordable price, and inspired by the bold confidence of NYC, their vegan handbags are sourced from PU leather, a premium material known as polyurethane and are designed in house.


“We worked closely with our team of designers to create handbags that make a statement, yet, are classic enough to wear with you everywhere” said Vanessa Molina, Product & Wholesale Manager.

“As a brand we find it really important to continue to create dialogue around accessibility, and quality. Our handbags are high-quality and have that luxury-feel, yet are for everyone. We wanted our range to reflect that,” explained Ewelina Augustin, COO.

New Range Includes:

Megan Satchel

Megan Satchel

What’s Next:

The Vegan Warehouse and MERSI is excited to continue shaping vegan fashion, and expanding their brand into an entity that has no limits. They’re currently working on designing more vegan leather styles in addition to their best-selling handbags.

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