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Huge news since I last reviewed Trader Joe’s new snacks: I got an air fryer! (The Breville one). That means every frozen food from Trader Joe’s is 1000x better than before because the circulated hot air, previously known as “convection,” makes every fried-before-frozen thing extra all-around crispy. (The tempura cauliflower, wowwwwwwwww.)

If you buy a lot of TJ frozen stuff, you need one. The new honey shrimp are fantastic air-fried, so is the garlic and pesto pizza with deep-fried crust.

Elsewhere this spring, Joe seems to have invested big $$ on vegan comfort foods, with two types of vegan bolognese made with plant-based nubbins, and jackfruit doing its best to pass as barbecued pulled pork.

Reviews, below.

New and Exciting Salty Snacks

Crisp Crunchy Crisps Pea & Chickpea Snacks
These pea-pea crisps have the look of a flattened packing peanut, and are curved, scoopable chips made of dehydrated this n’ thats. The flavor reminds me of veggie chips, which (who are we kidding) are made of potatoes. Indeed, potato starch is the second ingredient. A neutral vessel for salt and snack superiority complexes.

Crispy Crunchy Champignon Mushroom Snacks
Suck most of the moisture out of a mushroom, fry in sunflower seed oil, toss in salt, and TAKE ALL MY MONEY. I love these bougie little buddies. Some of the ‘shrooms are chewy, some are burnt, but life is not interesting without variety, which is why we keep the special mushrooms in the fridge. I’m not counting (I’m very much counting), but a bag of these “snacks” is around 30 grams of fat, so I eat them by the intentional handful.

Straight-Up Candy

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