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This was the first one I tried, and my protein-mixing knowledge was still in its infancy.

The packet advised to “blend with 250ml of your favourite milk”. I only had coconut milk in the fridge, which isn’t my favourite. It’s too thick, giving the shake an overly-dense outcome – nothing a little water or a lighter milk wouldn’t fix.

My first impression was its incredibly earthy smell, which I put down to the hemp – not unpleasant, mind. The flavour was lightly chocolatey, not as strong as some others, but pleasing nonetheless. 

In terms of nutrition, it’s pretty impressive: hemp, linseed, sunflower kernels, chia, pumpkin and sesame seeds. Basically all the good stuff. With 14.2g of protein per portion, it’s a little lower than some others, so perhaps not the best option for muscle-building. 

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4. Liberto organic dark chocolate with sour cherry

£12.45, Amazon

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