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Vegan diets have never been higher on the national agenda. Veganuary aside, the latest research from The Vegan Society shows around 600,000 people in the UK live by vegan diets and this country boasts more vegan products than any other. Whether you’ve already taken the plunge or are seriously considering it, the myriad meal delivery services provide a great resource in terms of effort, health and inspiration.

In line with the popularity of healthy food delivery services for any diet, the number of companies offering vegan meal delivery services has soared in recent times, be they delicious freezer-friendly ready meals, fresh recipe boxes or even powdered meal-replacement supplements.

They prove particularly helpful in maintaining motivation and not hitting a wall when you simply cannot stomach another chickpea-centric meal. From Allplants to Detox Kitchen and all the best plant-based meat alternatives you’ll now find in the supermarkets, here are some of the best we’ve tried…

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