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A vegan version of a chocolate caterpillar cake has been launched.

This comes just as Aldi has announced that their controversial imitation of the Marks and Spencer cake is coming back to the supermarket soon.

Named ‘Archie’, this caterpillar cake is being stocked by The Vegan Kind Supermarket and hit the virtual shelves yesterday (Wednesday May 12, 2021).

Created by Just Love Food Company, Archie costs just £6.99 and is nut, milk, peanut, egg and (mostly) guilt-free.

The yellow-faced cutie sports red cheeks, red shoes and a big red nose and is looking cheekily off to the side, all covered in sprinkles and ready to be demolished by adoring fans.

The description on the website reads: “Make your children’s birthday an extra special one with this delicious chocolate frosting-covered caterpillar cake topped with sugary paste and colourful sprinkles.

“Archie’s sure to delight the kids and adults at the party alike with his happy, bright smiling face.”

Archie The Caterpillar Cake went on sale Wednesday May 12, 2021

The cake serves 10 people, although we won’t judge if you get one all to yourself, click here to buy now.

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In other caterpillar cake news, Aldi’s Cuthbert the Caterpillar is set to return to stores next week after raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

The sweet treat made headlines around the world in April following a disagreement with M&S’s Colin the Caterpillar.

He will return nationwide on Monday May 17, and to mark the occasion, Aldi teamed up with stratospheric exploration experts Sent Into Space for Cuthbert to perform a dramatic skydive to raise funds for the charity cause and announce the return of the limited-edition confectionery.

Dr Chris Rose, from Sent Into Space, said: “We ensured Cuthbert was safe to travel into the blue skies as he embarked upon his skydive challenge.

“As with all our flights, Cuthbert’s aircraft ascended into the sky, where he would have reached temperatures as low as -70C, before taking his plummet. Cuthbert reached over 40,000 ft in the air before the skydive took place, and then safely parachuted back down to land.”

Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake as it reaches 40,000ft to raise money for Aldis charity partner, the Teenage Cancer Trust and to celebrate the cake's return to stores on Monday May 17.
Cuthbert the Caterpillar cake as it reaches 40,000ft to raise money for Aldis charity partner, the Teenage Cancer Trust and to celebrate the cake’s return to stores on Monday May 17.

Richard Thornton, communications director at Aldi, said: “Cuthbert has been the centre of global media attention and we felt a dramatic return was called for to celebrate him coming back to our stores.

“And it doesn’t get more dramatic than jumping from the sky at 50mph. Our loyal shoppers have really backed Cuthbert during these last few weeks and we can’t wait to reunite him with his fans. We thank everyone for their support, whilst also raising money for charity, including our partner Teenage Cancer Trust.”

Fans can visit @Aldiuk to see his daredevil antics and sponsor his #CaterpillarsForCancer charity skydive – click here.

Limited edition Cuthbert the Caterpillar cakes will be back in Aldi stores nationwide from Monday for £4.99.

Proceeds will go the charities.

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